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What are the Advantages of Permanent LED Displays?

Every family has a tale to tell – what’s yours? And how will you tell it? Installing a permanent LED display on your home is one way to give people a glimpse into your family’s unique story. With today’s technology, you can create amazing light shows with an app on your smartphone for any special occasion. Give your house a spooky orange glow for Halloween. Celebrate a special birthday or anniversary with a cascade of lights. Or simply bathe your house in a gentle glow every day. And of course, decorating for Christmas has never been easier or faster. Permanent LED displays light up your life all year long!
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Permanent LED Displays

Permanent LED lights are a fun and energy-efficient way to create beautiful lighting effects that will help to tell your family’s unique story. Today’s LED technology is clear and bright, and these types of systems have the capacity to make lights blink, flash, chase, and move dynamically. You can select a single colour, or a variety of them – you’ll have hundreds to choose from.


Special Occasions

Permanent LEDs make holiday decorating extremely easy, but you won’t want to save them just for Christmas. Sparkling lights make every occasion special. Many people turn on their permanent LED displays every night, giving their homes a soft, cozy glow or reflecting something important – like a Leafs win, for example!


Durable and Cost-Effective

These types of lighting systems are far more environmentally-friendly than conventional incandescent lights, partly because they’re extraordinarily durable and long-lasting, and partly because they are energy-efficient. Both of these factors make LED lighting more economical, too. So what are you waiting for? Install a permanent LED display and tell your story!